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ePPAP Supplier Portal

ePPAP Supplier Portal

e-PPAP Supplier Portal advantages

  • Standardization of the documentation by providing templates (which can be division specific).
  • Simplifying ASQ (and Program buyer) tasks: less time in making reports, storing/reviewing/searching files.
  • Quickly track APQP status and behind schedule element.
  • Suppliers know their current status and what your company expects from them (Sample Documentation available).
  • Improvements of quality of the documentation submitted by the suppliers.
  • Excel templates to automatically import a list of parts.
  • INTERACTIVITY between supplier and ASQ with email notification.
  • Fully web-enabled; nothing to install or download on computer; intuitive interface (confirmed by Suppliers).
  • Fully customized for your company. Fast reaction/implementation to any improvement idea.
  • Extremely user friendly, no training required.