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Benefits of the eWarranty Web-Application

The system has been proven to reduce the time tracking Warranty issues by over 50%. This time savings immediately translates to thousands of US dollars.

Prior to eValidate, the warranty data analysis was done manually (excel table) and the time involved included:

  • Obtaining the data from the system for each customer’s vehicle: 15 minutes
  • Manual data analysis of each customer’s car: 5 hours (Just Chrysler: 3 vehicles *15 hrs. = 45 hours/month)

Now, using eValidate’s Warranty Software:

  • Time to load the information into the system—an upload with multi divisions is 2 minutes or less
  • More time to perform the analysis, root cause and follow-up of the Defective parts.
  • Faster analysis of the data and the warranty trend (Worldwide data and Parts return)
  • Creation of charts in seconds: (Pareto chart / Trend by Production date, Top Issues, et, etc)
  • Every chart/report can be customized based on date, vehicle, defects, component, etc….
  • No Software to install, available from any web-browser from any location.
  • Security access will restrict and manage access levels for users within each division.
  • No Training required, very user friendly